Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mirror Class: Meet Kir

Quick update:

I wanted to make a Gunslinger so that I might eventually provide all you dual-blaster space cowboys with some tips and such, but I wasn't quite ready to revisit the Smuggler storyline.

So I turned to the Smuggler mirror class and created an Imperial Agent.

While I still (of course) prefer the Smuggler, I'm hoping this will allow me to provide extra insight to our favorite class and reach out to a larger audience without boring myself.

Now, who knows where I got the name "Kir" from? No googling!


  1. Nice! I have a Chiss Operative alt, too. While my heart might be with the Sorcerer (I do love the bubbles and utility), I predict that Agents may be an underrepresented spec and Op-Healers will be in high demand. Also, Kaliyo rocks.

    Long live the Emperor.

  2. Aren't Chiss the coolest? Yeah, I'm going to miss my stealth belt and scattergun, but rolling into cover isn't too shabby. Also, the IA voice actor is top notch.