Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Punch It!

I guess I have to introduce myself.

I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan. Goldenrod would translate: he's read every single Star Wars novel from The Truce at Bakura through the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, wears a Millennium Falcon technical readout t-shirt, and even played the Star Wars CCG. I found the galaxy far, far away at a difficult time in my childhood and it served as exactly the kind of imaginative escapism I needed. I love everything about it. Even the prequels. I said it. I love the prequels.

Being, in general, a huge nerd, I also love MMO's. My lovely girlfriend, a fellow Star Wars fiend, hooked me on WoW way back when, and we enjoyed several years of high-end raiding, pet collecting, and pvp.

So you think I was excited when I learned that Bioware, developer of the esteemed KOTOR games and Mass Effect, was developing a Star Wars MMO? Just a bit. Phyona and I started playing SWTOR during launch week and it's everything we hoped it would be. As an outlet for my obsession, I decided to make this blog.

As times goes on, my ramblings will focus on:

-Smuggling: being the best smuggler you can, whether you're a scrappy scoundrel or a sharpshooting gunslinger. Tips, guides, theorycrafting, and Kessel-Run-time-reducing advice. Nothing better than talking shop for those who have fallen in love with this class.

-Credit Making: I was one of those lucky WoW millionaires and I'm already hard at work applying everything I've learned to SWTOR. Don't get stuck running spice shipments for vengeful Hutts; check back often for the inside scoop on how to stockpile some credits.

-General Game Thoughts: Where I try to do the impossible and produce objective, lucid articles about what Bioware is doing right or wrong.

-Whatever I want: Updates on our guild's progress; postings of me acting in a smuggler-POV "Star Wars Kid" video where I mime cover, Dirty Kick, and blaster fire; love letters to George Lucas; and whatever vaguely SWTOR-related content I think somebody might want to look at.

I hope you'll come along for the ride. Please do comment or ask me any questions you may have. After shooting first, of course.

I'll close with the first of many Han Solo pics you will see on this blog: